How Playing Black Ops: Call of Duty Will Help Raise Money For Veterans

BFBS has partnered with Esports to host the Legion Games Services Showdown to raise money for the Royal British Legion

Calling all Black Ops: Call of Duty fans – head to Twitch this weekend to watch the ultimate tri-service online gaming showdown, as part of The Legion Games, to help raise money for the Royal British Legion. 

BFBS, the military media organisation and charity, will partner with the Armed Forces Esport teams this Saturday, July 31, to host the epic online gaming event.

'The Legion Games Services Showdown' will see senior representatives from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force come together as team leads, on their individual service Twitch platforms, to battle it out playing 'Black Ops: Call of Duty'.

  • Royal Navy - WO1 Carl Steedman
  • British Army - WO1 Marc Elliott
  • Royal Air Force - WO1 Jake Alpert MBE

The event will be part of a twelve-hour live stream (The Legion Games) where armed forces Esports teams will challenge each other at different games, including Rocket League and League of Legends.

Each team lead will bring decades of real-life experience from being deployed on operations, leadership and combat skill. 

But, how will that translate into the virtual gaming world? 

Soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen, officers, and any others who wish to, will be able to participate in the battle for the crown. 

Throughout the pandemic, online gaming and Esports have proved invaluable for mental health and combating isolation and loneliness, as it provides an easy platform for socialising and engagement between service personnel.  

The Legion Games is an opportunity to not only virtually connect military personnel with the civilian population through gaming, but also facilitate and encourage valuable skills such as teamwork and strategy. 

Plus, there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get people going.

Simon Bucks, Chief Executive, BFBS, said:

“BFBS is proud to support a range of projects which connect the armed forces world.  

“After a very tough and challenging year, the Legion Games Services Showdown will be a great opportunity to do this as well as have a lot of fun.

"They will also promote mental health and help raise money for a really worthwhile charity.”

WO1 Jake Alpert MBE, of the Royal Air Force, said:

“Esports has positively impacted our personnel; it continues to combat isolation and increase mental resilience through an interconnected network of gamers known as the RAF Video Games and Esports Association.  

The Legion Games Services Showdown, in partnership with BFBS, can be supported by participating or watching the event at 7pm on Saturday, July 31, via and donating money to The Royal British Legion via the stream.

For another way to help the Royal British Legion in their 100th year, members of the armed forces can volunteer for a City Poppy Day, a collection day involving uniformed personnel across the country to help raise crucial funds for this year’s 100th Poppy Appeal.

To volunteer, visit