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UK showcases missile systems to send to Poland

The Army is not saying how much equipment is heading to Poland, but says it is purely for defence.

Personnel from the British Army's 7 Air Defence Group have been showcasing the missile systems the UK is sending to Poland.

The Sky Sabre and STARStreak systems are to be used in a defensive capacity and will be accompanied by about 140 soldiers.

The Army is not saying how much equipment is heading to Poland, but says it is purely for defence.

The high-velocity HVM SP missile, carried on the Stormer vehicle, is already in the country – an interim measure until Sky Sabre arrives.

It has a maximum range of 5.5km, with eight missiles ready to fire and nine replacements.

It is designed for defence against low-level attack aircraft and helicopters.

Bombardier Robin Hearn, Stormer Detachment Commander, told Forces News: "On the battlefield we can go pretty much anywhere as long as the vehicle is able to get to that location.

"It's easy to drive, easy to command and easy to set up and it takes, if you've got a decent crew, about a minute to employ the weapon system."

Sky Sabre was recently unveiled as a successor to the 50-year-old Rapier technology.

Lance Bombardier Alex Jaggers, Launch Command System Detachment Commander, said: "I think the morale at the moment is pretty high amongst all the troops and all that, at the moment it’s kind of going into the unknown as well.

"A little bit of nerves are kicking in for some people, but I think all together we're all very excited and very well trained."

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"I'm feeling good about it, being surrounded by everyone else, women, my troops, morale is high", Lance Bombardier Alice Miell, 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, added.

"It will calm a lot of people down. It also shows us that the NATO alliance is investing in Poland which is good," Maciej Woroch, Foreign Correspondent, TVN Poland said.