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Ranger Regiment soldier shows off Army and Royal Marines' new KS-1 assault rifle

Watch: Ranger Regiment soldier's view of new KS-1 assault rifle.

A soldier from the British Army's Ranger Regiment has talked Forces News through the Armed Forces' latest assault rifle, the Knight's Armament KS-1.

Staff Sergeant Dan Hardingham, 2nd Battalion, Ranger Regiment, said the new Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) system offers "pretty significant" benefits as he showed it off to Forces News in the video above.

The new rifle, designated the L403A1 in British military service, is being used by the Army Special Operations Brigade and Royal Marines.

An initial £15m order for 1,620 of the rifles has been placed, with options to procure up to 10,000 more, totalling £90m, over the next decade.

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