The Wild Goose - Picture Marom Dolphine
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Could This New Way Of Carrying Kit Replace The Bergen?

The Wild Goose - Picture Marom Dolphine

Could this motorised kit-carrying vehicle be the future for all dismounted soldiers on the battlefield?

Soldiers can testify that carrying a bergen laden with ammunition, water and food for days across huge distances can be a pain - sometimes literally.

The sheer burden of kit and equipment in modern warfare can take its toll on the individual soldier.

From night sights to extra rations, the more they can carry, the better equipped they are in theatre.

Watch: How Does The Wild Goose Work?

Reducing weight and having to rely on a better resupply chain has been the answer to the age-old issue of reducing an infanteer’s load in which they have to carry.

Having that as an only option can create challenges if supply chains fall through.

Reducing the weight a soldier carries while on operations is seen as a priority in the Armed Forcess but this is an issue that is yet to be fully solved.

Could the Wild Goose – a motorised vehicle be the answer to the infantry’s ‘fight light’ dilemma?

Go with more, but carry less.

Yariv Sagi, CEO of Israeli defence manufacturers Marom Dolphin which produces the Wild Goose, said: “The Wild Goose is a game changer in the battlefield - by reducing the weight carried on the soldier's back we are expanding the survivability of the soldier and the entire unit.”

Soldiers worldwide risk muscular and skeletal injuries as they carry heavy weights on their backs for years.

A wheeled pack could help to negate a soldier’s risk of being injured, as it could reduce their burden down to basic combat equipment, body armour, helmet and rifle.

This particular design is made by Israeli manufacturer, Marom Dolphin, which develops, manufactures and markets personal military supplies such as tactical and bulletproof vests for police units, armed forces and security services worldwide.

The company is also an authorised supplier to the Israeli military.

The Wild Goose is battery-operated and designed to carry heavy equipment over uneven terrain.

It is available in two variants, a 2x2 and 4x4. The 2x2’s maximum payload is 60kg and the 4x4 can carry up to 120kg in weight.

They can even be adapted to attach a stretcher for casualty evacuation.

wild goose - picture Marom Dolphin
Wild Goose - Picture Marom Dolphin

This hybrid electric vehicle has been tested and can haul equipment over some of the toughest terrain and through rough weather conditions.

Soldiers are able to have both hands free for operating their weapon and in case of emergency, the Wild Goose has a quick-release function.

The aim is that dismounted soldiers would become less fatigued and able to carry more equimpment - improving their performance.

Being able to deploy with more, could also reduce the demand on re-supply of vital equipment such as water, ammunition and medical supplies.

The tyres are made from highly durable rubber, so there’s no worries in getting a ‘flatty’.

The manufacturers say that batteries can be quickly and easily changed. Under one full charge the batteries can cover a distance of about 20 kilometres.  

The Wild Goose is made from body flexible polymer and alloy aluminium, so it could even be ‘squaddie proof’.

Wild Goose - Picture Marom Dolphin
Wild Goose - Picture Marom Dolphin


  • Dual motor
  • Electronic differential lock
  • Hill-decent setting
  • Lightweight aluminium with polymer flexible body
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Patented elastic goose-neck  
  • Near-silent operation

The Wild Goose is currently in operational use with the Special Forces of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). A non-disclosure agreement prohibits naming other specific units.

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