Take a tour of the MUTT – one of the latest innovations in warfare technology

The latest innovations in warfare technology are being tested out by soldiers on the British Army’s largest exercise in Europe for a decade.

Thousands of troops are in Germany on Exercise Cerberus – with some working with new kit in the field.

Corporal Josh Armitage has given a tour of the MUTT, the Multi Utility Tactical Transport vehicle they have been using.

The MUTT is a part of a range of UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that can support small units and light infantry troops.

Fully electric, the MUTT has four lithium-ion batteries sitting under the bed of the vehicle.

"It's used for... carrying equipment, casualties all stuff like that," Corporal Josh Armitage said.

It can be controlled via a direct tether, remote-controlled or teleoperated, and has the ability to adopt the latest full autonomy solutions.

The vehicle features a robust, lightweight, low-cost design.

"This thing can carry up to 500 kilos of weight and the vehicle itself approximately weighs 1.5 tonne – so nice and light, it can cut across the ground and it also can take up to 500 kilos."

Javelins on top Multi Utility Tactical Transport vehicle 30102022 CREDIT BFBS
Javelins on top of the MUTT which can also be fitted with stretchers.

Cpl Armitage added: "We can get up to a speed of 16km/h and also this thing's designed to match your speed.

"So once you use all the methods of views – I've used it – you can attach this to your back. If you run, walk, double, it will follow you at all times and match your speed.

"It also keeps a safe distance for approximately two metres so it'll keep behind you – slow down to your pace if you're running and you start walking it'll actually slow down."

Another key feature of the MUTT is that it can turn on the spot.

The wheels are designed to turn in a full 360° direction right round and it will not do any damage to the tyres of the vehicle.

MUTT "takes the burden off the men", he says

"All those backaches all coming off with this – we could put Bergens, kit, equipment and rations – and that's one of the uses we've found for it," Cpl Armitage added.