Mission Master XT: Norway's AI-powered unmanned extreme ground vehicle

Watch: Mission Master XT: The AI-powered unmanned extreme ground vehicle

Troops operating in sub-zero conditions in Norway may soon have a new autonomous battle buddy in the shape of the Mission Master XT.

The unmanned ground vehicle, which has just been supplied to the Norwegians by Rheinmetall, is designed to operate in extreme conditions.

Developed by the Canadian arm of the company in 2021, the Mission Master XT can cross icy rivers and climb slippery banks, and is also said to be able to navigate sandy, rocky and mountainous terrain.

The vehicle weighs 2,217kg and can carry a payload of 1,000kg, enabling it to transport specialist equipment or supplies to hard-to-reach locations.

It also has zero radius turning, a diesel-powered engine for normal use, internal batteries for silent operation and can even inflate or deflate its tyres to achieve the correct pressure for the task in hand.

The Mission Master XT is driven by a navigation system that is powered by artificial intelligence and carries advanced sensors with a perception algorithm that allows the vehicle to navigate autonomously.

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