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When a Leopard 2 tank perfectly balanced a beer on its gun without spilling a drop

Watch: Glass of beer balances on the gun of a German Leopard 2 tank.

While many battle tanks throughout history have become feared opponents in the theatre of war, not all of them can boast the ability to balance a beer on their gun like the German Leopard 2.

It is a rare feat to which few tanks can aspire – to simultaneously be a formidable weapon of war whilst balancing a beer on the end of its gun turret.

A video created by the German Bundeswehr (armed forces) in 1986 to show off the Leopard 2's ability underlined how the tank was so stable, it could balance a tankard glass of beer on the end of its 120mm gun - all while on the move - using its well-crafted suspension and level turret.

The footage showed the tank's remarkable ability to maintain the gun's level despite crossing uneven ground at high speed.

Their demonstration to prove their tank's ability was an unconventional one.

Watch: All you need to know about the Leopard 2 tank.

The video shows a soldier placing a full tankard of beer on the end of the cannon before the vehicle charged forward.

Not a drop was spilled.

The video also includes footage of some field tests which show the Leopard 2 moving around obstacles while its gun remains fixated on whatever target the driver has aimed at.

The Leopard 2 tank is widely regarded as the best of its kind in the world, combining speed and accuracy, it is capable of hitting targets 5km away while on the move.

The tanks might soon be sent to Ukraine after 12 countries agreed to send 100 of the vehicles to aid the country in its struggle against Russia's invasion – if the German government consents to the deal.

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