Ukrainian tank drivers say 'formidable' Challenger 2s can change course of Ukraine war

Watch: Ukraine tank drivers Sacha and Grisha describe Challenger 2 tank training.

Ukrainian tank drivers have described how significant the British Challenger 2 tank will be in the war with Russia.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace visited Bovington Camp in Dorset and took a ride on a training vehicle being used to teach experienced Ukrainian personnel how to handle the Challenger 2 battle tank – as the UK prepares to send 14 to Ukraine.

A Ukrainian tank driver, known as Sacha, said: "The Challenger tank is a very formidable and strong tank; it has got a very good defence system and cannon.

"It will make a great lot of difference."

The training vehicles being used by the Ukrainian personnel are the Challenger 2 Driver Training Tanks (DTT).

Fifty Ukrainians are currently halfway through a four-week training course on these vehicles at Bovington Camp, in preparation for the arrival of the Challenger 2s in Ukraine. 

The DTT in action during training with recruits from Ukraine (Picture: MOD).
The DTT in action during training with recruits from Ukraine (Picture: MOD).

Another tank driver, known as Grisha, said: "It is exactly the type of weapon that is currently needed in Ukraine, and it is so important.

"It will change the course of the war that is going on at the moment."

In two weeks, most of the men undergoing training will return to the frontline in Ukraine to continue fighting for their country against the Russian forces.

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