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Stryker: Everything you need to know about the lethal American armoured personnel carrier

Watch: All the gen on the Stryker APC.

The US is set to send 90 Stryker vehicles to Ukraine to help the country in its fight against invading Russian forces.

The Stryker armoured personnel carrier is one of 10 variants of the vehicle, made by General Dynamics.

It is designed for rapid deployment, troop survivability and tactical mobility.

However, the vehicle also comes with firepower in the way of a mounted remote weapon station providing direct fire to support dismounted troops during assaults.

It also has an M2 Browning heavy machine-gun and can be fitted with an automatic grenade launcher.

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 62mph (99kph) and a range of 200 miles (321km).

Equipped with eight wheels, the vehicle can operate in snow, mud and sand – with multiple configurations to the wheels depending on whether it is required off-road or not.