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GALLERY: The Armoured Vehicles Making An Impact At DSEI 2021

Some of the most exciting new AFVs on the military market.

What would armies around the world be without their armoured fighting vehicles? 

As technology evolves and emerging threats become known, some things on the battlefield will always remain. 

One such thing is the armoured fighting vehicle (AFV).

The British Army’s history with AFVs includes some of the most admired military vehicles ever made. Those include Warrior and the more recently seen protected patrol vehicles of Foxhound, Husky and Mastiff. 

But what other AFVs are there on the international military hardware market? 

We took a tour of the world’s largest conference for the defence community - DSEI - and shortlisted some of the latest armoured fighting vehicles on display at the exhibition this week at London's ExCeL Centre.

Patria 6x6

The Patria 6x6.

This Finnish made armoured wheeled vehicle was manufactured initially for use in the Latvian military. The 6x6 was designed and built on the heritage of the legendary Patria XA series and provides modern protection and extreme mobility. 

Technical Specifications

Length 7.5 m

Width 2.5 m

Max payload 8,500 kg

Max combat weight 24,000 kg

Max speed 100 km/h

Climbing capacity 60%

Trench crossing 1.2 m

Protection Modular ballistic and mine protection

Humvee NXT 360

Humvee NXT 360

Humvee is one of the most synonymous names in the armoured fighting vehicle world, famously used extensively by US military units in numerous wars of the last century and more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The new NXT 360 is, so says the manufacture, a “true light tactical vehicle” with MRAP-level protection. 

This new Humvee comes with a digital video camera that provides a large field of view for the commander inside the vehicle, additional bolt-on armour for higher levels of kinetic energy protection, blast seats, and transparent armour. 

Technical Specifications

Engine 250 hp 6.5 lt V8 turbocharged diesel engine

Fuel range 250 miles

Climbing capacity 60%

Safety Anti-lock brakes system, electronic stability control, traction control


BOXER Recovery Variant.

BOXER, which was on display with soldiers from the British Army at DSEI, is a group transport vehicle boasting versatile capabilities and expansion potential. 

Its manufacturer – KMW – says BOXER is the leading armoured 8x8 combat vehicle for ambitious future military tasks and infantry missions. 

Alongside the vehicle’s maximum mobility and protection characteristics, BOXER (GTV) has a remote-controllable weapon station which lends the platform excellent combat capabilities in high-intensity conflicts. 

Technical Specifications

Power MTU V8 engine 

Length 7.9 m

Width 2.99 m

Weight 36.5 tonnes

Max speed 100 km/h

Crew 10


The Turkish-made TULPAR platform.

Turkish-made TULPAR is a multipurpose platform with high lethality, modularity, and growth potential. Its manufacturer says it can be tailored to meet current and future operational requirements. 

TULPAR’s power originates in its front-situated powerpack consisting of a turbocharged diesel engine and an automatic transmission providing a maximum of 1,100 hp. 

The versatility of its platform means TULPAR can be fitted with weapon systems ranging 7.62 mm right up to 120 mm armaments. It can also be equipped with air defence and mortar systems. 

Technical Specifications

Weight 45,000 kg (max)

Crew up to 12

Length 7.2 m

Width 3.45 m

Height 2.1 m

Track system rubber or steal with replaceable pads

Max speed 70 km/h

Range 500 km