All you need to know about India's upgraded Mirage 2000 fighter jet

Watch: Indian air force pilot Flight Lieutenant Samarth Shukla on the Mirage 2000.

Forces News has been checking out the Indian air force's upgraded Mirage 2000 fighter jets.

The French-made multi-role Mirage aircraft was first flown in 1978 and has been exported to various countries, including Brazil, the United Arabic Emirates, Egypt, Greece, Peru, Qatar, and India.

More than 500 of these powerful aircraft, manufactured by Dassault Aviation, are operational across the world today.

Cobra Warrior is a bi-annual exercise designed to test pilots in high-intensity fighting operations, the largest exercise run by the Royal Air Force.

During Cobra Warrior 2023, at RAF Waddington, the Indian air force took part for the first time ever, flying their five Mirage 2000s.  

Flight Lieutenant Samarth Shukla, an Indian air force Mirage 2000 pilot, said: "It is the upgraded version of the old Mirage.

"It is an all-weather supersonic multi-role fighter aircraft which means I can do simultaneous air-to-air or air-to-ground missions in one sortie."

He added that he had "travelled halfway around the world, including stops in Saudi Arabia and Greece" to join the exercise at the Lincolnshire base.

The Mirage 2000 is used by the Indian Air Force, and by seven other nations (Picture: Indian Air Force).
The Mirage 2000 is used by the Indian air force and by seven other nations (Picture: Indian air force).

The Mirage 2000 has a span of 29.9ft, is 47ft long and weighs approximately 9,525kg (21,000lb).

It can fly at 60,000ft and comes in single-seater or twin-seater versions.

Armed with two 30mm guns, the aircraft is an effective weapon of war and has seen action all over the world.

The multirole aircraft's first flight was in 1978 and it was introduced in operational service by the French air force in 1984, in its air defence variant.

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