Listen: MAVGEEKS – A Military Aircraft Obsession

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Calling all AvGeeks!

BFBS has launched a new podcast that focuses on all things military aviation. And the first two episodes are available to listen to right now. 

Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight as you join hosts Gini Carlin and Alex Gill weekly as they navigate the world of military aircraft. 

"AvGeek" is the friendly nickname attached to those who are interested and fascinated by aviation. Therefore, a "MavGeek" is a term coined to describe those with an additional interest in military aircraft and aviation. 

If you have ever questioned how crew members cope without loo breaks at 40,000 feet or how pilots learn to place their faith in flying instruments, look no further than Gini and Alex's top-to-bottom exploration of everything military aviation ... or maviation.

They discuss everything from the recently retired Lockheed Tristar to the aeronautics ideas of the future and much more besides. 

In episode one, Alex, based at RAF Brize Norton, explains how his military aviation "obsession" began when he started working for BFBS and was stationed in Gibraltar. Likewise, Gini recalls being awoken at 3.30 am and unexpectedly seeing three military aircraft, including a U-2 spy plane, in the skies above South Wales, aided by crucial AvGeek resource website/app Flight Radar. 

Spy Wars: Declassfied Footage From U2 Spy Plane
Did Gini spot a U-2 Spy Plane in the skies about South Wales? Listen to episode one of MavGeeks to find out.

Later in the first episode, the pair enjoy a good chit-chat with Airtanker's Dick Lawtey about the now-iconic Lockheed L1011 Tristar, who talks them through stowage, fuel consumption and its workhorse status as a stalwart of transportation, back and to, to places like the Falklands. 

And in episode two, all attention turns to the future when Gini and Alex attend the DSEI (Defence Security Equipment International) exhibition at London's Excel Centre. There, they check out Lockheed Martin's next-generation aviation technology and get chatting to Colin Welsh, Wing Commander of the Rapid Capabilities Office at Farnborough. He talks through his role in the Future Combat Air Systems Team. It is exciting stuff. 

AvGeek listeners at home or abroad are invited to get in touch with the show about the matters Gini and Alex discuss or to share their experiences and knowledge about the world of military aviation. Email MavGeeks at [email protected].

Listen to MavGeeks: A Military Aircraft Obsession