007: Meeting the real-life 'Q'

As audiences queue to see James Bond making the most of futuristic kit on the big screen, Forces News found out how close some it could be to the battlefield.

Professor Nick Colosimo is a Technologist at BAE Systems and is perhaps as close as they come to 'Q' – the innovator behind most of Bond’s spy gadgets in the series.

"In the same way that, in the Bond movies, 'Q' has always prepared one earlier – that’s what we’re trying to do," said Prof. Colosimo.

"We’re trying to fill the hopper so we’re always on the front foot."

Autonomous vehicles, high-pulse lasers and electromagnetic radiation to defend against said lasers all form part of the expert’s vision for future technology in military contexts.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, head of UK Strategic Command, has called for more ‘Qs’ than '007s' to be involved in military strategy as technology evolves.

Meanwhile, Prof. Colosimo said everybody needs to be “contributing” to UK capabilities, stressing the importance of neurodiversity, or "different ways of thinking".

Watch: James Bond Star Commander Daniel Craig On Military's Role In New Film.

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