What's It Like To Be In The Yorkshire Regiment?

Future Yorkshire Warriors get a taste of infantry training at Strensall Camp

Dressed in uniform with black boots on their feet, webbing around their waists and a rubber rifle slung over their shoulders, a group of future Yorkshire Warriors are in the middle of a command task.

The Quick Sand Challenge sees potential recruits working together to successfully travel from one island to the next using three tyres. Only they cannot touch the ground and the clock is against them.

This stand is one of a series set up for the one day course aimed at giving young people a glimpse at British Army life.

Colour Sergeant Daniel Gasgarth, the OC of the Yorkshire Regiment Support Team, is overseeing the taster session:

"They come here. They get to handle weapons, eat the rations... so they get to feel a small example of what we do in real life."

Gasgarth continued: "A lot of people that want to join the Army don't know what they are signing up for. If they come here, it's non-committal, they just get to experience what it is like." 

Ellis Osborne is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her father and uncle. The 24-year-old from Leeds admits this event has been the motivation she has needed to embark on a military career.

"It has been an eye opener. It has been good to see everything from their perspective; what basic training is going to be like. Obviously, we did the drill exercise at first, which was interesting to see."

Teenager Will Flay has travelled across from Hull to Queen Elizabeth Barracks in York for the 'Look At Life' course. The college student is impressed with the opportunities an Army career can offer.

He sees it as a way of bettering himself, despite any disadvantages.

"I got raised up from a rough background and the Army teaches you discipline, teaches you how to be a respectful person and gives you brothers for life."

The next drop-in session takes place on Saturday, November 24 2018. 

Pictures: Crown Copyright

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