US Marines Japan Okinawa Da Pump U.S.A. Dance Video Challenge Viral Screengrab

US Marines Nail Da Pump Dance Routine In Viral Video

*patiently waits for the Royal Marines to get involved*

US Marines Japan Okinawa Da Pump U.S.A. Dance Video Challenge Viral Screengrab

A short clip of US Marines dancing to a song by Japanese boy band Da Pump (ダパンプ) has taken the internet by storm.

Da Pump’s single ‘U.S.A.’ is a high energy track and the video features several repetitive dance moves which inspired US Marines to give it a go themselves.


In the same way fans of Ciara are taking on the Level Up challenge, these Marines have shown off their snake hips and undeniable rhythm, in a video uploaded to the US Marine Corps in Japan Twitter account.

The video was gifted to us on August 17, 2018, and at the time of writing has been viewed 6.91 million times.

Written with the tweet is 海兵隊員が「U.S.A.」を踊ってみました。which translates to The Marines tried to dance “U.S.A.”

They did more than try am I right? They smashed it BUT we think Royal Marines could do a better job.

What do you think Bootnecks? Are you up for the challenge?

There are several dance challenges online at the moment so take your pick.

Ciara's #LevelUpChallenge

Janet Jackson's #MadeForNowChallenge

Or go old school with the one below...

The decision is yours…

In December 2012 Forces News helped the British Army’s 21 Engineer Regiment in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan film a pastiche of the ‘Gangnam Style’ video by South Korean musician Psy.

It’s been done before by British Armed Forces. Anyone fancy doing another one?

Cover Image:  在日米海兵隊 (US Marine Corps in Japan)

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