Ice hole training British Army

Think You’re Shivering In The Snow? Watch The British Army Jump Into Icy Water In Sub-Zero Conditions

Snow might be a problem for British motorists but it's nothing to the British Army's Yorkshire Regiment in Estonia

Ice hole training British Army

Britons might be shivering as the country plunges into freezing temperatures in the longest cold snap for six years – but a little snow and ice is nothing to these British Army soldiers as they jump in to icy water in the sub-zero Baltics.

Personnel from the Yorkshire Regiment are seen jumping into an ice hole cut into a frozen lake in Estonia - where temperatures can drop to -20 and below – as they carry out extreme winter training.

Heavy snow has been falling across the UK, with travel disruption on many roads, rail tracks and at airports – with hundreds of people taking to social media to post pictures, make light of the snowy scenes or grumble about the bitter cold.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Regiment has been putting their cold weather survival skills to the test – which includes jumping into the near-freezing water in the Baltic states.

Video: British Army

Each time a soldier jumps into the icy water, they are tasked with answering questions on their training and survival – and have to dunk their heads under the water for every question they do not answer accurately.

The Yorkshire Regiment has been deployed to Estonia on Operation Cabrit as part of NATO’s enhanced forward presence in the region to deter potential aggression from Russia, alongside their Estonian and Danish allies.

The troops are being pushed to the limit of their endurance as they battle against the extreme weather conditions in the harsh environment.

The training is designed to challenge physical and mental endurance, stamina and confidence in harsh winter conditions.

Ice hole training British Army

British Army soldiers need to train how to fight, move and survive in extreme weather conditions, which can vary from extreme heat in hot climates one moment to sub-zero temperatures in cold climates the next – sometimes within a matter of weeks.

The Army posted the footage online as drivers in the UK faced chaos on the roads after a layer of snow covered the country as far south as London.

It was posted with the question: “Could you do the same? Watch personnel from the Yorkshire Regiment carry out extreme winter training in Estonia while deployed for Operation Cabrit.”

Britain will get a taste of sub-zero conditions as the temperatures drop to -6 degrees or below as the Met Office issues another weather warning for ice across most of the country – but jumping into icy water is not recommended.

More snow is expected on higher ground and motorists have been advised to take extra care.

The icy weather, however, presented an opportunity for the Royal Marines who set out on a 30-miler in freezing temperatures – just to show that how you deal with the cold is simply a state of mind.

Pictures and video: British Army / Crown Copyright