Unknown Veteran

Striking Images Of Unknown Veteran Embody Spirit Of Remembrance

The lone veteran was seen paying his respects at the Remembrance Parade in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Unknown Veteran

Remembrance Day 2018 showed us exactly why we see our veterans as true heroes.

The respect they show to the annual commemoration ceremonies and parades are second to none.

The video of Paratrooper Ray Shuck went viral after he was helped out of his wheelchair to pay respects at the war memorial in Manchester.

During the Remembrance parade in Haverhill, Suffolk, this gentleman was spotted watching the parade from a nearby apartment block on Withersfield Road.

Karl Heath, who took the photos, was attending the day to show his respects on the 100th anniversary of the First World War and to watch his Air Cadet son who took part in the parade.

As Karl followed the parade along the high street, the gentleman in the two-storey flat caught his eye.

He stood to attention and saluted as each of the colours and flags of Remembrance passed below.

The unknown veteran was seen saluting as the parade passed below.

“His presence stopped me as it was a moving image seeing him there, a reminder of why we remember.”

Karl also comes from a military family. His father served 24 years, and both his grandparents fought in the Second World War.

“BFBS brings fond memories for me as it was our lifeline to home when a little boy in Belgium, Germany and Cyprus.”

The parade started at Haverhill Arts Centre and continued through the town to the cemetery.