British Army sleeves

Sleeves Up Or Sleeves Down: MTP Summer Dress - How Will You Wear Yours?

British Army sleeves

Every year since the beginning of time, the Armed Forces have the same debate - when, and where short sleeve order should be ...rolled out. 

The Former British Army's Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton caused a heated debate on social media by reforming the policy of allowing soldiers to wear their sleeves up or down as they see fit, and to use their own common sense. 

However, there will be circumstances such as formal parades where the Regimental Sergeant Major will have the final say on the matter if uniformity is a factor.

The British Army's first army sergeant major outlined the new policy and has settled the age old debate on Twitter and this is what he said:

Forces Radio BFBS reporter Aimee Dewitt spoke to Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton about the reaction to the decision.

He said 'about 90%' of the feedback he's received has been positive.

Listen to what he said:


The decision on whether or not you should be able to decide for yourself to roll up your sleeves has divided Twitter - sparking a robust debate with characteristic forces banter shining through. 

Internet users are proving that the debate is showing no signs of abating, even though the original decision was made almost eight years ago.

The debate over dress, using the hashtag #commonsense, also brought back feelings for some on whether the policy on facial hair should be changed...

Despite the comical responses the hashtag many genuinely saw the new policy as a common-sense solution... 

Although others were not as impressed...


What do you think - should soldiers be allowed to wear their sleeves up?

Are there any further #commonsense changes to dress you'd like to see implemented?

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Headline Picture: Glenn Haughton OBE MBA Twitter