QUIZ: Do You Know Your Military Acronyms?

Dare to take on our quiz to prove it?

Acronyms have been banned in Defence Minister Stuart Andrew’s office in an attempt to make conversations between the Ministry Of Defence and civilians more transparent.

OMG, doesn't he know how much the military love TLAs AKA three-letter abbreviations?

Think you know your AAC from your AARADCOM? Take our quick quiz below to prove you are the military acronym master.

According to the officialMOD Acronyms and Abbreviations guide, what do the following acronyms stand for?

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On Hatch and Geere this morning Richard and Verity came up with a Top Ten of Acronym Songs. Can you think of any more?

  1. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love GCHQ
  2. Luniz – I’ve Got HIVE On It
  3. KC And The Sunshine Band – Please Don’t CPO
  4. KT Tunstall – Suddenly I RLC
  5. Oasis – Wonder AWOL
  6. Stereophonics – Have A Nice ETA
  7. Gabrielle – Give REME A Little More Time
  8. Nirvana – Come As You RNR
  9. Meghan Trainor – It’s All About The SAS
  10. Johnny Nash – I Can AAC Clearly Now

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