Queens Of Disco Bring The Bling At MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling

Hear from Sister Sledge who performed at MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling

Picture: MTV/NeonAngel [Lesley Posso]

Queens of Disco, Sister Sledge brought a touch of glamour to MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling as they performed their greatest hits to a packed crowd.

Kim and Debbie Sledge took time to speak with Forces Radio BFBS' Hayley Hammond about their journey from growing up in Philadelphia to dominating the charts as Sister Sledge and had a special message for Britain's Armed Forces.

“Thank you for how you serve and you give your time and your life and your heart.

"You bring hope and give freedom. God bless you always.”

Kim and Debbie Sledge MTV Gibraltar Lesley Posso
Picture: MTV/NeonAngel [Lesley Posso]

Sister Sledge formed in 1971 as ‘Mrs Williams’ Grandchildren’ and performed at church events.

"Our Grandma used to pull us to the piano, she was an opera singer, and she would line us up and we'd sing songs [when we were] three, four, five and seven, I mean, it started way back then."

In 1979 Sister Sledge released 'We Are Family', their third a studio album, which went platinum in the US and gave them two number one singles, 'He’s The Greatest Dancer' and 'We Are Family'.

The Queens of Disco brought some glamour to MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling by adding a giant disco ball to their stage, much to the delight of the crowd.

"It's going to be a glitter show, like the ball. Constant movement, songs, dancing, laughing, playing, having a ball."

Sister Sledge on stage MTV Lesley Posso
Picture: MTV/NeonAngel [Lesley Posso]

Military personnel based in Gibraltar were able to enjoy the two-day festival which took place just a few metres from RAF Gibraltar.

Both Kim and Debbie told Hayley that they would love to perform an exclusive for a Forces audience.

“We’re gonna come and do a concert for the Forces, it would be an honour to do it.”

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