HMS Bangor Royal Navy Sandown Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel 2011 Defence Imagery

Powerful Time-Lapse Footage Shows HMS Bangor Heading Home After Three Years In Bahrain

Once the minehunter returns home she will have travelled more than 40,000 nautical miles.

HMS Bangor Royal Navy Sandown Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel 2011 Defence Imagery

HMS Bangor, one of the Royal Navy's seven Sandown-class mine countermeasures ships, is leaving Bahrain after three years of Middle East heat and heading back to her home in Faslane, Scotland.

Forces Radio BFBS was there to wave the minehunter goodbye from Bahrain...

In June 2015 HMS Bangor and HMS Middleton deployed to the Gulf to protect British interests in the Middle East on Operation Kipion

Over the past three years the ships have surveyed across the Gulf, visited 15 different countries, entertained countless VIPs and once in their home ports, will have travelled more than 40,000 nautical miles each.

HMS Bangor has been involved in a variety of multinational maritime exercises and operations.

In her role as a minehunter HMS Bangor is responsible for detecting and clearing mines, in order to maintain safe passage for merchant vessels.

The Gulf region is home to three of the most important maritime strategic choke points in the world, the Bab-el-Mandeb, the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz. These narrow sea channels must be kept in use at all times for global trade purposes.

It was important that HMS Bangor stuck to its motto of 'Tenacious of Purpose' to keep those chokepoints clear and open. What goes through those chokepoints every day at sea directly affects what happens at home.

Mine countermeasure vessels like HMS Bangor are an important part of making sure those chokepoints are kept open and free for trade 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Don't worry, it wasn't all work and no play.

In May 2018 Forces Radio BFBS' Chris Keen joined Lt Guy Wadge to record fun Father's Day messages from the Ship's Company to their Dads.

Father's Day: Messages Of Love From Bahrain

Once back in the UK the crews from HMS Bangor will take some well earned leave after eight months away from their families.

HMS Shoreham left in June to take over from its sister ship HMS Bangor to detect mines in the sea and protect the country’s interests in the Middle East.

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