They Say Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body...

No Pain No Gain - Think You Can Stomach These Training Injuries?

They Say Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body...

They say pain is weakness leaving the body unless you're in the military. Then it’s usually arthritis or blisters...

Military training is notoriously strenuous on the human body.  

From day 1 personnel are trained on how to stay fighting fit and prevent minor injuries.

They are briefed regularly on how to keep on top of their admin, a term used when referring to taking care of yourself, your kit, or your bedspace. 

To earn the coveted green beret of the Royal Marines, recruits must complete a series of challenges.

The final one being a 30-mile quick march whilst carrying up to 40lbs of kit. As if that wasn’t tough already, they must complete it in under 8 hours. 

Although great care is taken, injuries do still happen. We’ve compiled some of the most gruesome non-serious injuries sustained by military personnel.

We’re also happy to report, that everyone made a full recovery. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our stomachs. 

WARNING: Images below are of a graphic nature. If you are squeamish, read this article about a pony instead. 

bruised ankle
We’re easing you in gently. Bruises from a “small 4-mile run” with recruits.
broken toe
A broken toe after stubbing it on a rock. They “don’t need” their little toes anyway.

WARNING: It’s getting worse. If you’re still unsure whether you can stomach it, read the story about poppy seller, Rosemary Powell, instead. 

x ray
The soldier heard his arm "snap" whilst climbing the rope during PT.

This soldier was in the final week of his “beat up” training for the All Arms Commando course.

During a routine PT session on the ropes, he heard a snap at around 20 feet in the air. He slid down the rope, burning his good arm on the way down.

The PTI, unaware of what had happened, shouted a few commands to get back up when he noticed the bulge in his right arm. 

FINAL WARNING: It is graphic from here on out. Abort now if you’re not 100% committed to reading the article until the end. Watch this Red Arrows video instead. 

Broken arm
Yes. He’s giving a thumbs up. We imagine he was smiling too.
Blistered legs
Cpl Blewden completed the Blue Flash Challenge 2018 in aid of Scotty’s Little Soldiers. The challenge involved a 100km agility trek in 24 hours across the highlands of Scotland.
Football injury
Sports afternoons are meant to be fun. This does not look fun.
injured finger
This little piggy went to the market. And this little piggy got stuck in a military vehicle door in Afghanistan.
Blister foot
It was just another day on exercise for this soldier. She described her physical state as “in clip”, we call that turbo clip. Ouch.
Knee injury
This isn’t the type of grazed knee mum could fix with a kiss and a plaster. Whilst serving in Iraq, this soldier smashed his knee open. It was stitched up there and then. 
Heel injury
This blister was lovingly referred to as “Zombie Bite” for obvious reasons.

It developed during basic training, and the photo even got pride of place outside the accommodation block.

The soldier endured daily wound dressings and was bedded down for weeks. We’re happy to report, “it’s all fine now!”

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