Red Dead Redemption ROCKSTAR GAMES

Military Gamer Reviews: Red Dead Redemption 2

It is an epic prequel to Red Dead Redemption, but how did it score with our military gamer?

Red Dead Redemption ROCKSTAR GAMES

By Ben Shirley - veteran & YouTuber 'ThatBeardedGuy'

I've always been into gaming; predominantly on the Xbox One console and primarily play first-person shooters and as such, I had the opportunity to review Red Dead Redemption 2; the third game in the series from developer Rockstar Games.

After eight years in the making, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released globally at midnight on 26th October 2018; with first access going to Australia.

Within three days of the release, the game has made the developer over $725 Million, Forbes revealed.

The game follows Arthur Morgan - a seasoned bronco of 19th century United States with his fellow gang-members surviving in the old west.

Progressing through the game, players must work complete both main and side objectives but with the freedom to explore the map and develop their own game.

Red Dead Redemption ROCKSTAR GAMES
(Picture: Rockstar Games).

The vast open-world mapping expands throughout the game and the varied terrain featured differing environments.

Fans will be pleased to hear that gameplay bears similarity to the previous iterations in the Red Dead Redemption series featuring, first and third-person action-packed gun battles, game hunts and robberies.

Although the gameplay is more deliberate, it is far from monotonous, thanks to the engaging story-line and action-packed missions.

Red Dead Redemption ROCKSTAR GAMES
(Picture: Rockstar Games).

Period weapons can be obtained from other characters and kept amongst other supplies in John's satchel; accessible through the selectable menu.

The weapons, however, are realistically slow to reload and have a limited ammunition count.

Red Dead Redemption
(Picture: Rockstar Games).

When a player does exercise excess force and bearing similarity to GTA; players have a wanted level which builds tension to escape the area and avoid capture.

In summary, the game is a epic prequel to Red Dead Redemption and thankfully, Rockstar Games have remained true to the original game. This years must have game!

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Ben Shirley served for more than 13 years in the British Army, with operational tours in Iraq and multiple-tours of Afghanistan.

After deciding to leave in 2016, he became a YouTube creator in his spare time posting as ThatBeardedGuy.