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Jobs You Probably Never Knew Existed In The British Armed Forces

It is not all about shooting or fighting, below is a list of 8 jobs you may have never heard of.

vet - pic MoD Copyright

Some people mistakenly believe that all people in the military do is go around the world shooting big guns, sailing in big boats and flying fast jets.

Yes, that is a big part of it. However, there are many other specialist roles within the British Armed Forces that you may have never heard of.

Here are just a few of them you might want to know about.


Mine Clearance Divers travel the world onboard Royal Navy vessels as bomb disposal specialists. They operate within the Royal Navy and Royal Engineers, they are called upon as and when they are needed to diffuse bombs and for other specialist underwater tasks. 

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From Buckingham Palace to the battlefield, the Master Tailor is in charge of keeping uniforms pristine.

Stunning uniforms have helped make Britain’s Armed Forces stand out and be the envy of the world. 

The Master Tailor is the unsung hero within the forces. With military precision, these textile wizards fine-tune and tailor-make everything from badges of rank, to bespoke uniforms. 

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They deploy internationally to provide troops with uninterrupted access to a personal mail service and they deliver classified documents and equipment to embassies and military headquarters worldwide. As well as delivering the mail and much need care packages to troops on the front line, from friends and family back home. 

Christmas Mail at RAF Akrotiri


The British military has everything from horses to dogs and hundreds of other animals in its ranks.

A military vet is responsible for dealing with animal health issues and above all keeping them fit for duty. 

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As the old saying goes, ‘an army marches on its stomach’.

Feeding the military is a tough job, but also a vital one. The Armed Forces need decent meals to keep them going, especiallly while on operations.

Chefs are expected to cook and prepare food wherever and whatever the conditions. They will cook for everyone from new recruits to royalty. 


Musicians are paid to perform at famous, high-profile events in the UK and all over the world. they play everything from military marching music to jazz and contemporary.

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Firefighters are employed by the Royal Air Force to not only fight fires but offer a multitude of fire prevention measures and protection duties to ​​​​air fields and bases across the UK and on operations abroad. 

Raf Firefighter - pic MoD


Photography in the Armed Forces is considered of paramount importance to the military in communicating to the public the role of those who dedicate their service to defending the UK. 

Photographers from all three services capture stills and video of the wide range of activities carried out by personnel – from overseas operations and training to homecoming parades and ceremonial events.

The Ministry of Defence says that Army photographers have an important job in communicating and recording military activity, but in that role, they are very much trained soldiers first.

Cpl Tom Evans, Army Photographer. Credit: Sgt Rupert Frere, Crown Copyright
Cpl Tom Evans, Army Photographer. Credit: Sgt Rupert Frere, Crown Copyright


Two regiments in the British Army are the homes of hundreds of horses.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery provide state ceremonial occasions in the nation's capital, as well as in places such as Windsor Castle and at military tattoos both nationally and internationally. 

Both regiments are full self-sufficient, so when one of their horses requires a new shoe they do not need to get on the phone and book an expensive visit from a civilian Farrier

Instead, they have their own fully trained farriers already based within the respective regiments. So, as soon as a horse requires attention in the shoe department, they just have to trot on down to the regimental forge. 

A member of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, is seen here heating a newly manufactured horseshoe, ready for shaping with his farrier tools.