How Not To Win Friends On HMS Queen Elizabeth By Playing Ukulele

HMS Queen Elizabeth now has a ukulele club ... but not everyone is a fan

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A Petty Officer's musical ukulele tunes on board the Royal Navy's newest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been creating a buzz on social media - but as Forces Radio BFBS' Hal Stewart discovered, his serenades might be wearing a bit thin among the rest of the crew if this video is anything to go by.

In the short video posted on Twitter, budding cameraman Chief James “Kubrik” Hudson films as Petty Officer Naval Nurse Matt “Hendrix” Hicks plays songs by Stevie Wonder, Aloe Blacc and The Killers on his uke.

But instead of his musical turns entertaining the crew, he seems to be just winding them up as they tire of his impromptu performances in this playful video sending up his role as the ship's resident busker.

In one scene, PO Hicks performs Breakfast At Tiffany’s, by Deep Blue Something, for people waiting in line to get food, but hungry sailors are seen walking away in frustration as the kitchen shutters close on him.

At one point the Petty Officer, who has been playing the ukulele for 15 years, joins a group of fellow musicians in the hope of joining in and being accepted but sadly they leave the room as soon as he arrives.

As Hal discovered, the video is of course just a bit of fun during downtime for PO Hicks and Chief Hudson and a great way to highlight how many talented musicians HMS Queen Elizabeth has on board.

Hal asked PO Hicks how the idea of creating a fun social media video started.

"My colleague Chief Hudson took a bit of a video of me playing and it just so happened someone was in the shot and they walked off and it looked like they were completely snubbing me so we thought we'd play on that theme."

When HMS Queen Elizabeth departed Portsmouth in August, 12 ukuleles were on board and once the working day ends uke enthusiasts get together to practice with some guidance from PO Hicks.

"... I have to say after 12 or 13 days of intensive training they're really coming along quite well and sounding very good."

The group has become so popular that when the future flagship vessel of the Royal Navy arrives in the USA for flight trials more ukuleles will be added to the collection.

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At the time of writing the video has been viewed more than 25,200 times and PO Hick's son is enjoying updating his Dad with how well it's doing.

"My 12-year-old son has been reporting back to me by email because I don't have direct access to the stats."

People have even commented with song requests like the one tweeted below.

"I tend to not play George Formby but I may well have to start learning."

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