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‘Gibbo’: The Name That Nearly Broke Twitter and Why

A Royal expert has responded that HM The Queen is alive and well.

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The Name ‘Gibbo’ nearly broke Twitter after a leaked WhatsApp conversation allegedly from a military source said the queen had died.

Pictures of the WhatsApp conversation were shared thousands of times and it was the number one trending topic of conversation on the social media site.

Gibbo Whats App group chat: Picture from Twitter
Whats App group chat: Picture from Twitter

A Royal expert responded via Twitter to announce that the queen was in fact alive and well. 

Many civilians were also curious as to what the WhatsApp conversation meant, including asking questions like, ‘what is number 1s, 3s and 4s?’.

The British military has many different 'orders of dress' - uniforms to you and me. So to make things easier, they number them, so that there can be no confusion as to what you should be wearing and when.

Orders of dress for the British military

There has not yet been an official response from the palace, but for now...