Fleur East Rocks Out With Full Military Band At Army v Navy Rugby Clash

"It was epic"

To mark 75 years of entertaining the UK Armed Forces, BFBS invited Fleur East to perform her monster hit 'Sax' at the Army-Navy match at Twickenham today.

Fleur said it was “really exciting” being involved with BFBS.

“I’ve done a lot of interviews, a lot of work with BFBS. It’s always a privilege to know that I am entertaining, helping to lift the spirits of people out there who are sacrificing their lives. It’s an amazing feeling”.

Fleur stadium

The former X-Factor star wowed a crowd of over 80,000 in the stadium as she sang her latest track ‘Favourite Thing’.

Dressed in full denim the 31-year-old singer performed ‘Uptown Funk’ before treating the audience to a rendition of ‘Sax’ - the track that made her a household name.

Having performed at countless festivals and filled out arenas, the songwriter and fitness model is no stranger to blowing away large crowds.

Fleur said that performing at Twickenham was a special experience.

“I felt real privilege and an honour to be here. It’s such a special occasion – 75 years of BFBS.”

“Today was a very exciting exhilarating day … It was epic”

The 31-year-old singer took to the stage with members of The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood, under the direction of Captain Tom Crane led by Drum Major Stew Vyse.

Fleur was excited to perform with a military band, saying that it “made it even more thrilling”.

fleur and band

The ‘I’m a Celebrity’ star then took the coveted spot of performing the national anthem before the Army and Navy rugby teams took to the pitch.

“The minute I sang the national anthem at the end it was like everyone was holding their breath before I started”

“I felt a real responsibility to lead the crowd. It was an incredible feeling”

Fleur didn’t disclose whether she was supporting the Navy or the Army, but she did have a message for the troops overseas:

“We are thinking of you. Stay strong. Lot’s of love”