Ey Up! Happy Yorkshire Day 2019

Have a reyt gud Minden Day - from the 1700s to today's social media


Anyone not from what is known by locals as God's Own Country might be wondering 'what is Yorkshire Day?'

It's a celebration of all things Yorkshire that takes place each year on August 1 but the day, much like the county, is deeply entwined with a rich military history.

The date might spark some annual social media joviality but its roots date back to as early as the 1700s.

More traditionally known, especially in military circles, as Minden Day, it has long been marked in commemoration of British Army regiments' participation in the Battle of Minden during the Seven Years' War and the victory of the British over French forces in 1759.

The event is also known as 'The Battle of the Roses' because the soldiers who took part plucked the flowers from the hedgerows and wore them as they advanced towards the enemy.

However, the day was adopted as Yorkshire Day in the 1970s - largely as a result of current affairs views at the time but it was also fitting, perhaps as a reflection of the presence of Yorkshire soldiers at the battle.

It has now developed nationally into a celebration of Yorkshire, or God's Own Country to some, in general.

The Light Infantry was the first to celebrate August 1 but, more than 200 years later, the Yorkshire Ridings Society also adopted the celebration day in protest at the local government re-organisation of 1974.  

Yorkshire is home to the largest military garrison town in the world, Catterick, with a population of about 13,000 military personnel, their families and civilians.  

In the digital age, Yorkshire Day naturally gets its own hashtag #YorkshireDay, and has become an annual social media trend and here we take a look at some of those online posts marking the day.

Celebrations have been in full swing across the social platforms with messages coming in from around the world.

Here's a selection of the latest social media posts from those in the military community and others, marking the great day for Yorkshire: 


Perhaps you could join in by telling us what Yorkshire Day means to you?