Collage of three Services featuring HMS Argyll, British Army soldiers shooting a mortar, and RAF groundcrew

Entertaining Military Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

The military's use of Twitter has increased significantly over recent years.

Collage of three Services featuring HMS Argyll, British Army soldiers shooting a mortar, and RAF groundcrew

It's easy to become bored with Twitter and the endless stream of information being thrown into your feed. Finding entertainment can sometimes be difficult. Because of this, we've compiled a list of the Twitter accounts you need to follow in the military world. Some are well established, with thousands of followers, and some are brand new but with great banter.  


HMS Enterprise


HMS Enterprise describes themselves on social media as "pretty much permanently deployed" and whilst this can be hard on the sailors and their families, we are very grateful for their service, and for the fact that we get to see such awesome videos such as these posted regularly.

They are also the first ship to make their Twitter images accessible to the blind and visually impaired by using image captioning.  


Combat Boot 


The person behind the Combat Boot twitter account managed to get his hands on summer socks from stores so he definitely deserves a mention, and possibly an OBE. 


The Grenadier Guards


Football fever took over The Grenadier Guards' social media during the World Cup. We were given an insight on how they followed the England national team's journey from Iraq. 


Assistance Dog Ziggy


Who said social media was just for humans? Assistance Dog Ziggy is the dog of a British Army veteran. He is a bit of a legend and we can't get enough of him!


23 Parachute Engineer Regiment


If you like watching people jumping out of aircraft, then 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment is for you. They are the British Army's only airborne engineer regiment. 


Ship's Cat


HMS Queen Elizabeth has fictitious furry stowaway onboard with its own Twitter account, aptly named Ship's Cat. Animals were banned from ships in 1975, however, creating fictitious feline social escapades was not. 


HMS Massive


We've been told that if you've served in the Royal Navy, you've also served on HMS Massive. This is not a ship as such, more a reference to those who like to tell tall tales.


42 Commando Royal Marines


Is underwater escape training, leisurely boat trips and mortar shooting videos your thing? Then 42 Commando Royal Marines will entertain you for hours. What's not to like? 


RNAS Yeovilton


By following RNAS Yeovilton you'll be treated to homecoming videos like this. We're not crying, you're crying. 


Red 9


Mike Bowden is Red Arrow pilot, number 9. He shares videos taken from "office" and they're amazing: 


5131 (BD) Squadron


5131 (BD) Squadron is the RAF's only Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron are known for "making the harmful, harmless." They regularly share photos of things they've blown up, and equipment they use to blow things up: 


RFA Cardigan Bay


RFA Cardigan Bay is a Bay class ship. Although they're new to Twitter, their following is bound to increase quickly with amazing tweets like this: 

If you have any other accounts you'd like to see on this list, tweet us at @ForcesRadioBFBS

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