Tam Hobbs

Cheers Tam! The Internet Hero We Never Knew We Needed

The saying “Cheers Tam” has taken the military world by storm. But what exactly does it mean, and how did it start?

Tam Hobbs

The saying “Cheers Tam” has taken the military world by storm. But what exactly does it mean, and how did it start?

Tam Hobbs, 63, served as a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from 1973 to 1995.  

His career has taken him all over the world, with a deployment to Northern Ireland and a 16-year posting in Germany.

One of his assignments was working in recruitment for the British Army which is exactly what kicked off the social media frenzy around Tam.

Cheers Tam
Image: Facebook

Tam replied to a recruitment comment on Facebook with what would seem a pretty obvious answer.

Followers of the Facebook page 'Fill Your Boots UK' then decided that Tam was going to be the next big thing and decided to produce scores of memes showing Tam providing very obvious information as a variety of fictional characters.

Within minutes of his post going on Facebook, his notifications were going crazy.

“Somebody come back and said 'Cheers Tam.' And then I got another one, and then it was nearly up to a hundred 'Cheers Tams' I’ve had. Loads of them by PM and also up to 100 friend requests. So yeah… quite comical!”

Tam laughed when asked whether he’s seen any of the memes, and felt “some of them were very good” and that people have too much time on their hands.

We’re happy to report, he does have a favourite.

“I really like the Jack Nicholson one, with the general saying ‘You can’t handle the truth’ and the Tamil Tiger one as well.”  

Don’t worry. We’ve found them for you. We’re good like that. 

You can't handle the Tam
Image: @Fillyourbootsuk
Tamil Tiger
Image: @Fillyourbootsuk

Some would be overwhelmed with the sudden internet fame however, Tam takes it all in his stride and finds it “quite funny.”

His family is completely unaware that he has become the face of military banter Facebook page, Fill Your Boots.

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While military humour can sometimes be controversial, he believes this type of social media banter is very important for morale.

Since leaving the Army in 1995, he’s used Facebook to connect with a lot of friends he’s served with, some going back as far as 40 years.

Image: @Fillyourbootsuk
Tams Away
Image: @Fillyourbootsuk

We’ll leave you with Tam’s final thoughts for the day:

“Keep it going, wherever you are and respect to the boys and girls out there. Online is all good banter most of the time, but they all have to be careful when they’re posting things. But it’s all very good, very good. And respect to everyone who’s serving.”

Somebody, send this man a mug! And send one to Callum while you’re at it... 

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