Josella Waldron, Mary Wilton, Kate Gerbeau, Will Warren 2019 NY radio awards

BFBS Wins Three Awards At 2019 New York Festivals International Radio Awards

Josella Waldron, Mary Wilton, Kate Gerbeau, Will Warren 2019 NY radio awards

BFBS has been honoured with three awards at the 2019 New York Festivals International Radio Awards for its defence analysis and human rights documentary programmes.

The teams behind the award-winning programmes picked up their awards last night at a glitzy ceremony in New York.

Sitrep, a unique current affairs radio programme and podcast featuring defence and foreign policy analysis and discussion has been honoured with a Bronze award in the Best Regularly Scheduled Talk Program category.

Josella Waldron, Mary Wilton and Kate Gerbeau of the Sitrep team, have been at the festival in Manhattan to receive the award, which recognises international excellence in audio content creation.

Sitrep - award-winning documentary

William Warren, who created the ‘Away From You - The Story of the Afghan Interpreters’ radio and podcast series as part of the digital team at BFBS, picked up a Silver award in the Heroes documentary category and a Bronze in the Human Rights documentary category.

Sitrep, presented by Kate Gerbeau and Christopher Lee, produced by Mary Wilton and edited by Josella Waldron, offers discussion and analysis of defence and foreign affairs stories, aimed at a military audience.

This 30-minute programme has been at the forefront of defence news this year, with an exclusive interview with the US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, a swift response to breaking news of a cyber-attack on the OPCW and a fascinating insight into the work of RAF drone pilots who drop missiles remotely on Iraq and Syria.

In Away From You – The Story Of The Afghan Interpreters, digital content producer William Warren spoke for several months with Afghan interpreters who came to the UK after the conflicts in their home country, with the people who served alongside them and with the organisations campaigning for their wellbeing as they struggled to settle into the UK.

The programme examines how the Home Office and those in power at the time failed many of these men who had protected UK service personnel.

William Warren's 'I Am Invictus' podcast series was also a finalist in the Heroes documentary category. The series tells three powerful stories that examine the heroic acts and struggles of everyday veterans.

Nicky Ness, Director Forces Broadcasting and Entertainment, said: “BFBS has a long history of success in the New York Festivals Radio award scheme and I’m delighted that our work has been recognised again in 2019.  

“We’re proud of our high quality production values, trusted news and factual content and the creative story telling that is at the heart of our approaches.  

“BFBS is a world class broadcaster and digital content creator and to be recognised as such as we celebrate 75 years makes this even more special.”

Adam Waters, BFBS Director Digital Content, Training, and Forces Media Academy, added: 

"I am so delighted the fantastic work the digital and audio teams at BFBS do to bring our powerful storytelling to an even wider audience has been recognised at the awards in New York. I'm sure there will be many more awards to come."

New York Festivals Radio awards honours radio content in all lengths and formats, across all platforms, from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe.

The festival is billed as being dedicated to fairness and integrity and is all about honouring the work and talent of the teams who create exceptional and innovative content and respects the achievements of the many talented men and women who make up the worldwide creative community.

The radio awards Grand Jury awarded a wide spectrum of radio content submitted from 35 countries around the globe as award-winning podcasts, audiobooks, live events, documentaries and dramas, breaking news coverage and multi-genre music specials at the event in Manhattan.

BFBS is a military charity and media organisation dedicated to entertaining, informing, connecting and championing the UK Armed Services, their families and veteran worldwide. Our national radio platform in the UK links military audiences to stations in 20+ locations. BFBS is heard on UK digital TV outlets and globally online.

Listen to all of the winning programmes in full at

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