The Army Archery Association is calling on all those interested in bow and arrows to try their hand at the sport.

It's hosted a try-out day in Surrey for new recruits, having experienced trouble putting out a consistent and experienced team out for inter-service and club competitions.

Many garrisons have archers who train and compete locally but Army team captain, Warrant Officer Class 1 Jason McCoubrey, wants everyone to come under one umbrella:

"We could do with a lot more members. I know that there's a lot of people out there that want to shoot, a lot of people that can shoot."

Historically, the Army Archery Association and the Army team were two different entities but Jason has worked hard to unify them.

He says an increase in numbers can only help to improve overall performance.

British Army Archery Association

At the moment a core group of people are being relied on but teams have had to be adjusted for every event depending on who is available.

It's hoped that joining forces can only work in everyone's favour, with more access to resources and competition.

Army archer Sergeant Craig Cherrie is relatively new to the sport but keen to raise its profile. He said:

"If we can get funding through the Army then it [will be] brilliant. Then we can start organising competitions against the RAF and the Navy."

One concern is that some people don't put themselves forward because they don't think they're good enough.

But the Army Archery Association says all skill levels are welcome and taking part gives recruits a chance to learn from more experienced members.

Sergeant Gareth Paterson, an Invictus archer and familiar face on the circuit, said:

"It's one of those sports that people would like to get involved in, and they don't realise that there's actually an Army [Archery] Association."

"Getting people... involved means that we can raise the profile, get more members and have bigger and better competitions.

"If I can just find even one person who [can] pick it up, enjoy it and carry it on as a hobby, then it's all worth it."

The forces outdoor competition is in September every year but the next goal for Gareth and the rest of the Army team is the indoor nationals next month – which doubles up as the inter-services competition...

If you are interested in joining the Army Archery Association please contact: or

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