Meribel 2019

Meribel 2019: Meet The Skier Making Her Inter Services Debut On The French Alps

Flying Officer Roseanne Rogers-Kelly is beginning her Inter Services career this year.

The Inter Services Snow Sports Championships is not just about the experienced skiers, but also the debutants.

One of those newcomers is Flying Officer Roseanne Rogers-Kelly who only tried skiing when she was 20-years-old.

Now seven years later, she has trained hard and is ready to make her Meribel bow to enter the world of Inter Services winter sports.

For her, the nerves were a lot to handle.

"I was shaking. All shaken completely," she says.

"Some people go really quiet and some people, like me, start talking lots and lots getting quite jittery."

However, after a moment, she calmed herself largely thanks to this one specific mindset.

"You are standing in your starting block and you are ready to go. You are just focused on the next turn you are going to make.

“You’ve got one shot at it so the pressure is on."

RAF Roseanne Rogers-Kelly Meribel 2019 Credit BFBS

For Fg Off Rogers-Kelly, it’s been an amazing turn-a-round that all started in November.

"I’d maybe ski once a year but since joining with the RAF, I’ve been really lucky to get in touch with our team captain Claire Nickson.

"She bought me out on the winter camp in November this year. I decided I wanted to do ski racing."

She may not have been in with a shot of the medals, but the young skier completed the lap in a quick time and enjoyed the congratulations from her team-mates at the bottom.

“I was really lucky to have all my team at the bottom waiting and cheering. That’s really what you look forward to.

"That part at the bottom where everyone hugs and you just feel utter relief."