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Inter Services Success For Leading Army Luge Star

Sergeant Dani Scott has won this event on many previous occasions, although this might be her last one.

There was a possible farewell success for Sergeant Dani Scott as she retained her Inter Services Luge Title in Germany.

Sgt Scott is leaving the Army this year to pursue a career in firefighting, meaning this could be her last Inter Services tournament.

She went out in style on the sunny slope in Koenigssee. Her run was the fastest of the women competing, with the RAF and Navy’s best racers left in behind.

Scott has won this event on many previous occasions and has even lost track of the number of times she has been crowned Inter Services champion. She said: “I think 7 but maybe 8. I’m not sure.”

Scott has recently retired from international competitions too, but hopes to still be involved with Army Luge one way or another:

“I’m planning on going the reserves so I’ll still be involved with luge, but I don’t know if it will be sliding or coaching. 

“The Army have been really supportive so I’ll be happy to come back and help out.”

Sergeant Dani Scott: “They keep trying to make me cry, but I’m doing pretty well!"

For Scott, it is the perfect location to possibly end her Army career on, as Koenigssee hosts her favourite track to race on.

“This is my favourite one,” she said. “It’s got a mixture of tricky, technical parts but also other parts where you can let the sled run.

“It’s a miracle if you can get to the finish sometimes, but this one has got everything in it and it’s a beautiful setting as well.”

One of the things that have been difficult for Scott on this trip is the emotional side of leaving her team:

She said: “A lot of us have been on the international service as well, so we are teammates off the track as well as on it. We also help bring through the novices with their track walks and bring them to the next stage as well.

“Right from being a novice, you do a track walk every day to get it in your head.”

Despite the emotions, Scott is proud of what is going to come in her life: “I’m going to be a firefighter in Merseyside. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s a change of career path.”