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Former Lance Corporal Sets Sights on Paralympics

Corie Mapp recently finished third at the Para Bobsleigh World Cup.

A former Para Bobsleigh world champion has said an appearance at the Paralympics is “the one thing that is missing”.

Corie Mapp is an ex-Army Lance Corporal and has recently returned home to Swindon after competing at the Para Bobsleigh World Cup.

In 2015, Mapp won the title to take home the gold medal but this year he had to settle for a third-place finish.

He said: "It’s been a very difficult season. I had a lot of people who stepped up and improved.

"They pushed me to be my best but it was difficult for me because I made some critical mistakes at some pretty critical times.

"It caused me to struggle a bit more than I would have liked. In the end, we managed to pull out a good result.

"To be ranked number three in the world is no bad thing by any stretch."

Corie Mapp though is now preparing for the World Championships in the United States.

His coach, Anna Greco, has been putting Mapp through his paces with a Crossfit workout and believes it will help the para-athlete’s bobsleigh performances.

She said: “For Corie, Crossfit was good for him mentally and for his mental game.

“There’s always a constant challenge and it is always varied so he always has to try and work out what he is doing.

"For bobsleigh, that is really important. It really is a mental game.

“You have to be so focused so I feel like it was the right move to do to challenge him in that way."

Mapp has previously competed in the Invictus Games, but there is still one event he is aiming to be at.

"I’ve not competed at the Paralympic Games," he said.

"That’s the one thing that is missing. It’s the one carrot we are trying to get."

Mapp will be back in action at the World Championships held at Lake Placid in March.