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Army Veteran Becomes First Brit To Win Para Bobsleigh European Championships

Corie Mapp won the European title in Germany thanks to two victories.

Former Army Lance Corporal Corrie Map has won the Para Bobsleigh European Championships in Germany.

The former world champion has become the first-ever British athlete to win the Para Bobsleigh European title.

Mapp is currently competing in the IBSF Para Sport World Cup and won two races in round two which was raced in Oberhof, Germany.

The double victory made Mapp a European Champion as this round of events served as the European Championships.

He has now won his last three races in the World Cup and sits top of the standings with 82 points.

Mapp won a bronze medal in last year’s competition and a silver medal in the World Championships.

The former soldier lost both of his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2010.