British soldiers at Army Nordic Biathlon semi finals 2018

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, the Scots Guards, have spoken about what it's like to compete in their first Army Nordic Biathlon semi-finals.

The Aldershot-based athletes were complete novices in the sport before taking part in the competition in Les Contamines-Montjoie, France.

Team captain, Lieutenant Sam Lowden, spoke to Forces Network about their journey to the semis, starting from a training camp in Sweden before Christmas.

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The athletes were hoping to become the first novice team to make the Army Championship but didn't make the cut. 

Although disappointed, they still had something to build on, however. Lt Lowden said:

"Coming up against teams who do this year in, year out... has proved too much. However, we have finished as the fourth novice team out of around 11, which is a fantastic result.

"The one great benchmark for us is that teams that were in our position last year [and] did comparatively a lot worse, this year are pushing the top seven, top five of the competition. It's a really strong base to build on [for next year]."

He added: "Post-Sweden [we] went home for [a] well-earned two weeks of Christmas leave and then [we were] back out on the first of Jan to... France where we then took part in the Infantry Championships.

"That was another week and a half of training races [and] getting used to the form of competition that we've never done before.

"Again, [it was] a great chance to hone our skills on the range and technique-wise."

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