UK Armed Forces Skydivers

What It Takes To Be A Skydiver

What does it take to be a skydiver, how does it feel when the door opens at 15,000 feet and you are told to go?

UK Armed Forces Skydivers

Every year adrenaline chasers arrive in Wiltshire to do battle in the skies above.

The Armed Forces Parachute Championships once again welcomed teams from across the UK Forces spectrum, as well as competitors from as far afield as Sri Lanka.

Jon Knighton spoke with Mark Bayard, Chief Instructor at the Army Parachute Association, for an overview on how the 2018 competition was progressing.

What does it take to be a skydiver, how does it feel when the door opens at 15,000 feet and you are told to go?

We caught up with some of the individuals who live for jumping out the back of a fully working aeroplane.

There’s no luxury airliner – a small plane awaits you for your journey to the skies.

No seat needed just a floor, occasionally carpeted, and most definitely no in-flight service on your short trip to the jumping altitude.

The thought of skydiving will drive fear into the hearts of many so how do those who enjoy it get around the fear?

Capt Amii Calway from the Royal Logistic Corps told us how she views it:

Skydivers mid-air over Netheravon

“I think you have to be a little bit nuts in the first place to even consider it, but actually it gives you a real thirst for life”

The fear of the unknown is one reason that stops people from making the leap. Sub Lieutenant Emma Reynolds of 703 Royal Naval Air Squadron has some key advice should this be you.

“Every skydiver needs to have something individual about them to throw yourself out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft”

“At the end of the day anyone can do it, if you haven’t given it a go how would you know?” 

Still not for you – unconvinced you are the ‘right type of person’?

Fear not, Squadron Leader Marcus Fountain – the Chairman of the Royal Air Force Sports Parachute Association can put you at ease.

“I don’t think there is any particular one sort of person There are fighter pilots to the bloke that steers a ship – it’s anybody.”

“It’s just somebody who wakes up one day and thinks you know what, I just want to try something different.”