'War Is Not A Game': Army Officer Gives Rousing Boxing Night Speech

Forces Network has captured footage of the commanding officer of the Queen's Royal Hussars (QRH) using a regimental boxing night to make the...

Forces Network has captured footage of the Commanding Officer of the Queen's Royal Hussars (QRH) using a regimental boxing night to make the kind of rousing speech you might expect on the eve of battle.

QRH are at high readiness for deployment at short notice on NATO duties, from their barracks in Sennelager, Germany.

But after an exciting night of boxing, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Cowley was clear to stress the difference between combat in sport and that on the battlefield. 

You can read his speech in full below:

"You hear professional athletes talk about the sports field like it's the battlefield. But for me, I think we need to be careful with that."

"When we go to war as the Queen's Royal Hussars, we don't know how long we'll go for.

"We'll fight an enemy that won't play by the rules. There will be no umpire, there will be no referee.

"When we go, it won't be about scoring goals or points, it's going to be about life or death."

"We're going for the highest possible reasons, which will be to defend our nation, to defend our national interests, to defend the things that we think are important about the way we live our lives.

"So sport isn't war, and war is certainly not a game.

"However, sport is a great way to train some of the things we need to do to be good at warfare - and boxing is the ultimate sport for doing that."

The Queen's Royal Hussars are the only tank regiment at high readiness, providing the armoured spearhead force of NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Taskforce and forming part of the UK's Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade, ready to be called upon at any time.

You can catch all the highlights from the QRH Regimental Boxing Championships below...