Ukraine To Join Invictus Games Challenge

Ukraine is getting ready to make its Invictus Games debut in Canada...

Ukraine will compete at the Invictus Games for the first time when the tournament is held in Toronto in September.

The team will compete in six sports, including powerlifting and archery.

As a result of military conflict in Eastern Ukraine in recent years, more than 550 people lost their limbs and over 100 became wheelchair users. 

A multimedia project called The Victors was created to inspire injured soldiers and civilians with special needs and to encourage them to move forward unafraid.

Huge images featuring pictures of many of the heroes were mounted on three-metre-high blocks to show the beauty of those who had overcome their fears, pain and social misunderstanding. 

The Victors 2 project was then created to draw attention to the quality of psychological and sport rehabilitation in the country, as well as social integration for injured veterans returning home, and the development of the sport prosthetics industry in Ukraine. 

The project began in February, 2016, and for the rest of the year toured around 18 cities in Ukraine and around the world.