UKAF Cricket Vice-Captain 'Frustrated' After Loss To MCC

Corporal Jay Boynton spoke after his team lost by four wickets in Portsmouth.

UKAF Cricket Vice-Captain Corporal Jonathan Boynton has said “there’s frustration” after losing an “even game” against the MCC.

The all-rounder, who is the captain of the Army team, got 85 runs in Portsmouth but the UKAF team fell to a defeat by four wickets.

The game comes just a week before all three services battle for the T20 Inter Services title at Lord’s on 30 May.

Speaking about the loss to MCC, Cpl Boynton pointed out the close nature of the match: “There are fine lines which cost us the game.

“I think they started better than us. We lost a few early wickets and had to rebuild so that’s why I think we lost the game today.”

Boynton also believes fatigue played a part in the result:

“We’ve all been playing our service cricket so everyone is very tired.

“It’s hard to rally yourself but this is combined services. This is the level you want to play at.”

The UKAF players will be opponents at the Inter Services.

Despite the loss, the Vice-Captain is keen to see the fixture continue to become a tradition on the UKAF calendar.

“It’s a great game every year”, he said. “We’ve been playing them for a lot of years now so we hope it continues.

“Hopefully, we can keep playing them every year.”

Boynton will be an important member of the Army team at Lord’s next week and he has hopes that his UKAF experience will help.

He said: “People are working each other out. It’s a big day on 30 May when we come together with our own services.

“Hopefully, I haven’t brought on my form before Lord’s, but I hope it continues and we lift that trophy.