Tracey Neville: England Netball Coach On Forces Partnership, World Cup Hopes and Lionesses Football Defeat

The England Head Coach sat down with Jon Knighton in Manchester.

Tracey Neville has said the Forces are "a very good exhibit of how you have to be together".

The England Netball Head Coach was speaking at a media day ahead of the World Cup in Liverpool.

The Roses have prepared for the challenge with a training exercise alongside the Army Netball team and the link with the military is important to the head coach.

She said: "The way the partnership works with us and the Forces are that we are very similar. We can’t work as individuals. I think they are a really good exhibit of how you have to be together.

"You can’t follow a process. You can’t be reactive. You have to be very pro-active. You have to be able to conform to rules as well as conform as a team.

"You put action into place when it matters. It’s not shying away from the pressurized situations you are put under.

"The mentality of both insitutions, although they are completely separate, we all go into fight at some point throughout our cycles or careers.

"I think it is really important that we can share those experiences."

England captain Serena Guthrie was also on media duty in Manchester.

The England captain, Serena Guthrie, echoed her manager's thoughts and found another link between the team and the military.

She said: "I know a particular person, Jo Binns, who has been in the Army. She has been in the Army for as long as I can remember as she played netball for England.

"It’s really nice that it has come full circle. We can celebrate that.

"We can celebrate the athletes and Army officers who represent the Army at sport and we can be a part of that. I think it is great."

Neville is the twin sister of England Women's Football Team manager Phil, who saw his side crash out of the World Cup at the semi-final stage.

She had some advice for her brother.

She said: "The result made a lot of us feel really sick, particularly me. Obviously, having my brother, I know how deeply hurt he would feel from the performance that his team put on.

"He’s got to move on. It is his first World Cup like this is my second. You have to move on from the learnings that you have had in the past. We are the type of people that do that."

Being the hosts of the World Cup, England Netball are under immense pressure to perform but Neville believes her team are up for the task.

"Going into this tournament, we are probably going to be up against the biggest challenge of any team.

"We are under no illusion how hard this competition is. We just have to be the best-prepared team and put out the performance on the day."