Titles Decided At RAF Cross Country Championships

In both the men's and women's races it was a close finish from the top two runners.

More than 120 runners have competed in the annual RAF Cross Country Championships in Halton.

The winner of the men's race was Senior Aircraftman Michael Kallenberg.

He finished the six-mile run in 31 minutes and 24 seconds.

His closest challenger was Wing Commander Ben Livesey, but this time it was SAC Kallenberg who finished on top.

The result is a reverse of the Sefton Brancker race result two weeks ago when Wg Cdr Livesey placed first with Kallenberg just behind.

After his triumphant victory, Kallenberg pointed out the regular rivalry between himself and Livesey.

He said: "There’s nothing majorly different today. It’s always quite close between us.

"You can flip a coin and it is heads or tails who is going to win.

"It’s now 1-1 so Inter Services is going to be good. Hopefully, we will drag each other out and get some good team results."

Meanwhile, in the women’s event, it was Flight Lieutenant Tamsyn Rutter who took first place.

She held off a difficult challenge from Emily Hutchinson in second and the competition has pleased women’s team manager Joe Roe.

"I’m really delighted with the team today," she said.

"They have put in an excellent performance and there’s been some really good competition.

“We’ve got our best runners out so it is looking really positive for Inter Services.

"It’s my dream team who are pretty much out there."

Roe also hailed the character of the winner, Tamsyn Rutter, after the runner spent a long time away from the sport.

She said: "Tamsyn is extremely strong and despite her own misgivings of being on a ship for four months, she’s actually looking extremely strong.

"I don’t think it’s done her any harm at all. I think that is a testament to her will to keep training in some fairly adverse conditions.

"She’s been chased down hard by Emily Hutchinson. That’s really good to keep the new blood coming through the team. It’s very exciting for the girls to have competition between them as well."