There were great performances in all events from all the services at this year's Inter-Services Ice Sports Championships.

The Army came up top trumps in the luge.

Sergeant Dani Scott and Guardsman Ray Thompson won it both for the women's and men's contests.

The Army's Captain Hayley Larcombe also won for the Army in the women's skeleton contest:

"This year has been a fantastic year on the ice - and some real competition this year. There's some real good sliders from the Navy this year, and also from my own team."

Sergeant Neil Palmer snatched the men's title for the RAF, and, like Captain Larcombe, he too acknowledged the strong competition:

"It's been tight - and I think it's the tightest year we've had in a long time, so to win by a small margin... is just amazing."

The Army also won the Inter-Services title in the men's bobsleigh event, but Sergeant John Jackson of the Royal Marines, who retired from International Bobsleigh last year, stormed back to drive the Royal Navy to an individual title with brakeman Sam Dalrimple.   

The women's event was won by the RAF, but the Royal Navy produced the individual star of the championships.

LAT Rachel Robertson, based with 815 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton, along with brakewoman Lieutenant Alex Kelly, was fastest in all four of the races, averaging nearly 120km/h on the Lillehammer track, each run coming in at just over 55 seconds.

And she only started driving a bobsleigh 12 months ago.

Overall, it was an excellent 2017 forces ice championships in a stunning Norweigan location.