Sefton Brancker Fixture Provides RAF Cross-Country Success

The annual match between the Air Force and the Civil Service went comfortably in the military side's favour.

The Royal Air Forces has beaten the Civil Service in both races at the annual Sefton Brancker Cross-Country match.

The event at RAF Halton saw runners from the Police, Ambulance and Fire Service challenge an Air Force team in the annual match.

The RAF celebrated victory after both the men’s and women’s races were won comfortably by members of the Air Force.

The women’s race was ran across 6 kilometres and included 40 runners. They did two laps, with early pace-setter Flight Lieutenant Tamsin Rutter dominating from the get-go.

She beat off the Civil Service challenge from Sarah Rose and Megan Chapman to take the win, and she is looking forward to the future meetings held at Halton.

She said: “I think it’ll be good to have the RAF Championships here in a couple of weeks.

"It’ll give the girls that will hopefully go onto the Inter Services another chance to get to grips with the course before we go against the Army and Navy.”

A key part of the RAF Women's team is Flight Lieutenant Tamsin Rutter.

Another member of the women’s team who impressed was Leading Aircraftwoman Emily Hutchinson.

LAC Hutchinson is a relative newcomer to the team, but took an impressive fourth-placed finish on a course that she admitted was to her liking.

"This course really suits me," she said.

"I like mud. I like hills so I’m excited for it. I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s a good year.

"We’ve got such a strong team that we are going to give the Army a run for their money.

"Hopefully once I’ve got a couple of weeks training in my legs, I’ll be much more confident and will feel a bit stronger."

The RAF boast a strong team and the Civil Service struggled to keep up.

In the men’s race, Wing Commander Ben Livesey was the clear favourite and lived up to the billing with a strong run.

He closely battled with fellow RAF team member Michael Kallenberg throughout the race but pulled ahead to win in the final lap of a 10-kilometre course.

The closest civil service challenge to the two Air Force runners came from Marc Hobbs, but the strong RAF showing meant a team victory in the fixture which pleased Wg Cdr Livesey.

He said: "It was a good run out and it was a good team result, actually.

"We had some good packing at the front but it’s the first race I’ve done in a fair few months really.

“It’s by choice. I was doing training over the winter but I did everything at a fairly low intensity.

"It was all aerobic work and no racing. It was a different winter for me.

"It seems to have worked so far but at the moment, it’s quite painful at the minute because I have not done the high-intensity work."