Second Place For Army Pentathlete At National Event

Kirstyn 'Kit' Johanson finished second in her category at the Hereford Pentathlon Competition.

Kirstyn 'Kit' Johanson was beaten in her category by Lucy MacAlister (Picture: Pentathlon Hereford).

An Army athlete has recorded a second place finish in her class at the Hereford Pentathlon Competition.

Kirstyn 'Kit' Johanson competed in the Master Women’s category and put in a solid performance across the four rounds.

However, her impressive showing was not enough to stop Lucy MacAlister who took the crown by winning the class.

In the riding event, Johanson scored an impressive 283 points to start the competition in strong fashion.

MacAlister’s score of 290 had her in front, and a disappointing swim from Johanson handed her a larger advantage.

Johanson’s result of 132 points was outmatched by MacAlister’s 236 and the Army athlete had a large mountain to climb.

Her results in the two final rounds meant she finished just over 300 points behind MacAlister in second place.