A Savage Round The World Challenge

Ex-British Army Captain, John Savage aims to solo circumnavigate the globe in his yacht the Coralee.

John Savage, an ex-British Army Captain, is attempting to become one of only a handful of people, to solo circumnavigate the globe in a yacht.

His transition from City of London banker to global circumnavigator, aboard the yacht the Coralee, is almost complete - but first, there are some last minute preparations to finish.

“It’s still quite hard work at the moment, the boat is not quite ready and there’s still a lot to do. I think any journey like this there’s a lot of work to do as one prepares for it.”

John Savage pictured next to his yacht the Coralee

John is balancing the needs of the Coralee while also trying to spend as much time with family and friends.

Quite naturally the prospect of sailing solo around the world has left him with a degree of nervousness and uncertainty.

With plenty of experience in solo sailing under his belt, he has never faced a challenge of this magnitude before.

“It’s going to be a new experience, something different and that’s going to be part of the challenge”

It is one of the toughest challenges any yachtsman can face, in fact, there have been more people in space than have solo circumnavigated the globe in a yacht. 

“That unique selling point made me realise I should give something back and try and raise money for charity as I did it.”

Falmouth Arena is home while John gets the boat ready, and he is mixing preparation with instructional duties - as a member of Turn to Starboard, one of the charities he hopes to raise money for.

Turn to Starboard is a Forces Charity that provides support to current and retired Armed Forces personnel, as well as their families, affected by military operations.

The other good cause he intends to support is The Blue Marine Foundation - a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

Working in the city after leaving the army he came up with the uniquely named challenge 'A Savage Way to Sail'.

With parts of the journey expected to be through testing weather conditions, the challenge could live up to its name.

Handling a craft of this size in heavy weather is not easy, and doing it alone is going to be a challenge.

John Savage aboard his yacht the Coralee

To remain as safe as possible John will only take to the sea when the weather is expected to be better than average, but that is not to say it will be all plain sailing.

“I’m sure sailing in heavy weather is going to be one of the experiences that I look back on and enjoy - probably not at the time.”

John has currently raised £46,464, which is 30% of his intended target of £150,000.

The total challenge is expected to last four years with stops along the way, and John hopes to spend this Christmas in the Caribbean.

You can follow John's adventures via his 'A Savage Way to Sail' website: and also on his dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts.