Rugby Union

UKAF secure big win over Rugby For Heroes in thrilling try-fest

The UK Armed Forces team ran in ten tries in an exciting Remembrance match against the Rugby For Heroes select XV.

The UK Armed Forces rugby union team dominated the 2021 Remembrance fixture against Rugby For Heroes, scoring ten tries in a 62-33 victory.

It was the first fixture between the two teams since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UKAF fell behind early on, but came back to be control of the match at half-time - tries from Jarrard Hayler, Sam Hutchinson and Ryan Crowley helping them to 31-12 lead at the break.

A number of key interceptions meant UKAF ran up a big advantage but the Rugby For Heroes' ex-professional players tried to wow the crowd in Gloucester.

A stylish pass from Ryan Lamb was a highlight of the second half, but it was a dominant 62-33 win for UKAF at the final whistle.

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