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Swedish Captain Wants Regular Rugby Clash With Army

Sweden were well beaten at Aldershot during a 40-3 loss between the sides.

The captain of the Swedish national team has called for their recent fixture against the Army to become "an annual thing at least".

The Army comfortably beat the Swedes at Aldershot including a six-try haul during a 40-3 win.

Despite the loss, Sweden captain Tove Viksten believes it was a test worth having for her team.

She said: "The Army is a tough game to play and we know that it should be on a level that we want to compete in.

"The numbers today were not quite what we wanted them to be but it’s a good test.

“We know they are physical. We know they are fit and we want to come out and do our best.

“We haven’t played the Army before so I think it was good for the whole Sweden team to get the experience."

Viksten plays at a top level in women’s rugby and represents the Harlequins in club rugby so is familiar with some of the Army side.

"I have played with three of the girls who have started today so it’s interesting shifting between being team-mates and opponents," Viksten said.

Captain Gemma Rowland 12032019 Credit BFBS.jpg
Gemma Rowland will be leading her side into the Inter Services Championships next month.

When asked about a possible rematch between the two sides, the Swedish captain said she would "love to" make it happen.

"That would be the dream to really compete and get this going as an annual thing at least."

Meanwhile, Army captain Gemma Rowland was happy to see the Army team back together after a few absences.

"We’ve had a couple of girls away with operations and a couple coming back injury so it’s great to see our squad coming back to full strength," she said.

"Obviously, we’ve had a few top oppositions building into this. Losing our last couple of games kind of dents your confidence a bit.

"We’ve got a brand new team, brand new management and we are putting in place a lot of new structures so it is great to see us building that platform now towards Inter Services."