HMS Scott vs Boston Mystic River rugby match
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HMS Scott's Rugby Players Thrashed By US Team

The Naval rugby team, known as the Penguins, lost 95-5 to local Boston side.

HMS Scott vs Boston Mystic River rugby match

Some of the Penguins in the starting line-up were over 40 years old (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Scott's rugby team suffered a heavy defeat to a local side from the US city of Boston, Massachusetts.

During a port visit, the Naval team, known as the Penguins, lost 95-5.

Despite not having a full-time starting 15, the Royal Navy's survey ship's squad of 16 kept Boston Mystic River somewhat at bay, the home side unable to reach 100 points.

The Penguins' squad ranged from first-timers to season experienced hands aged in their forties.

More than half of the team had never played before training began on the ship’s foredeck whilst at sea.

Sporting a new in their new distinctive black white and orange kit, they held their heads high throughout the affair.

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Sixteen players from HMS Scott joined the rugby team (Picture: Royal Navy).

Team captain Nigel West said it was a "considerable defeat" for the young team, but was happy with the team spirit.

"The Penguins held their heads high throughout playing with enthusiasm and pride," he said.

"In true Royal Naval Spirit, heart and soul was put into the game."

"It was a good opportunity for HMS Scott to showcase her ability,"  said Able Seaman Karl Banks.

"Mystic River played a good match and beat us fair and square but they could not keep up with RN post-match celebrations."

Though the match resulted in a one-sided scoreline, the Penguins could take some positives back onboard HMS Scott.

Able Seaman Daniel Sommerville, who had never played before, was awarded man of the match for his display. The accolade demonstrates the potential of a new side with plenty still to learn.

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HMS Scott's Penguins posing for a photo in Boston, Massachusetts (Picture: Royal Navy).